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Project Overview:
Islamic Architecture Exhibition

Client: The Islamic Arts Foundation

To create a logo that showcases the rich and diverse architectural heritage of the Islamic world and highlights the cultural and historical significance of Islamic architecture.

The Islamic Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Islamic art and culture. As part of its mission, the foundation has decided to organize an exhibition on Islamic architecture. The exhibition aims to showcase the rich and diverse architectural heritage of the Islamic world, spanning from the 7th century to the present day. The exhibition will be open to the public and is expected to attract a wide range of visitors, including scholars, students, art enthusiasts, and the general public.

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I carefully selected a color palette that reflects the essence and symbolism of Islamic culture. The colors chosen are not only visually appealing, but they also carry cultural and religious significance. The primary color used in the logo is brown, which holds special significance in Islam.

Brown is often associated with the earth and is believed to be the favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad. It represents humbly in the presence of Allah. Brown is also commonly used in early Islamic architecture, particularly in mosques and Islamic art. For the final work for the exhibition, I included a touch of blue in the color palette, which is symbolic of the sky and represents the divine realm in Islam. Blue is associated with spirituality, knowledge, and purity. It is often used in Islamic art and calligraphy to represent Allah's divine guidance and protection. 

Lastly, I incorporated these colors to balance the palette and provide contrast. These colors represent purity, simplicity, and cleanliness, which are important virtues in Islam. The chosen color palette for the Islamic-themed logo was carefully crafted to reflect Islam's rich cultural and religious heritage.

The process of designing the logo involved careful consideration of the cultural and symbolic significance of domes in Islamic architecture. I selected a dome shape as the central element of the logo, which represents the heavenly vault and the celestial realm in Islam. The typography chosen for the logo was carefully selected to reflect the rich heritage and history of Islamic architecture. The boldness of the typography represents the strength and resilience of Islamic architectural traditions that have stood the test of time. The use of an old typography style pays homage to the classical calligraphy and typographic styles that have been integral to Islamic art and architecture for centuries, adding a timeless and authentic touch to the logo.

The final Islamic Architecture Exhibition logo is a representation of Islamic architectural elements, featuring a dome-shaped design in blue and brown hues. The blue color symbolizes spirituality and tranquility, reminiscent of the blue tiles commonly found in Islamic architecture. The brown color represents stability and connection to the earth, reflecting the natural elements often used in Islamic structures. The dome shape is a quintessential feature of Islamic architecture capturing the essence of Islamic design. Overall, the finished logo is a harmonious blend of colors and forms, encapsulating the richness and beauty of Islamic architecture.

Project Overview:
Solid Foundation Builders Construction Company Logo Design

Client: Solid Foundation Builders Construction Company

Solid Foundation Builders is a reputable construction company known for their quality craftsmanship and commitment to client satisfaction. As part of their brand identity, they are seeking a new logo design that represents their values, expertise, and professionalism in the construction industry.

To create a visually appealing and memorable logo that reflects the company's brand identity and distinguishes them from its competitors. The logo should convey the company's core values of trust, reliability, and quality, while also being versatile for various marketing materials and platforms.


I conducted research on the construction industry and gathered inspiration from existing construction logos, industry trends, and the brand identity of Solid Construction Builders. I studied the company's core values, services, and unique selling points to better understand the visual elements that could be incorporated into the logo. Based on the research and inspiration, I brainstormed and sketched rough ideas for the logo concept. I explored different compositions, experimented with shapes, lines, and typography, and considered relevant construction industry symbols, icons, and imagery. They aimed to capture the essence of Solid Construction Builders in the logo, while keeping it simple, scalable, and visually appealing.

The finished logo is a simple yet impactful design that reflects the brand's identity as a reliable and trustworthy construction company. The logo features a strong and bold typography that conveys strength and stability, with the company name "Solid Construction Builders" written in a clean and legible font. The typography is accompanied by a minimalistic icon that represents the construction industry, such as a building, hammer, or crane, in a modern and abstract style. The color palette chosen for the logo is a combination of bold and cold tones, reflecting the solid and dependable nature of the brand. 

The overall design is visually balanced, scalable, and versatile, ensuring it can be used effectively across different media, such as print, web, and signage. The finished logo exudes professionalism, reliability, and confidence, while capturing the essence of the brand's identity and services.