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Project Overview:
The 40,000 Kilometers Painting 

Client:  Education through Arts

The 40,000 km Painting Project reimagines traditional canvas boundaries, inviting participants to collaborate on a massive cloth canvas. Drawing inspiration from shared creativity individuals engage in interactive sessions, fostering innovation and idea exchange.

Beyond the event, these creations transition into functional items, sparking new forms of communication and everyday engagement.


The objectives for the project include creating a banner, illustration, and a  logo that effectively represent the essence and purpose of this project. The goal is to develop scalable designs that maintain clarity and impact across different screen sizes, while also incorporating subtle animations to enhance user engagement without compromising loading speed.

Collaboration with the client was key to ensuring alignment with their vision, while optimization for web use and compatibility testing across various browsers and devices were essential for a seamless user experience. Deliverables included documented assets in multiple formats to accommodate future scalability and web design requirements.

It's worth noting that the previous design  was deemed ineffective, prompting the client's request for a redesign. They specifically expressed a desire to incorporate an Earth image into the illustration to better convey the global aspect of the project. 


After completing the draft, I shared it with the client for feedback. Through collaborative iterations, we fine-tuned the design until it perfectly encapsulated the educational message of the project while maintaining visual appeal.


Upon receiving final approval, I seamlessly implemented the new illustration, banner, and logo onto the webpage, ensuring they harmonized with the overall aesthetic and effectively conveyed the project's goals of educating through art.

In selecting the color palette for the banner illustration and logo, special consideration was given to the project's audience, which primarily consists of children. Vibrant and cheerful hues were chosen to appeal to younger viewers while maintaining a professional aesthetic. 


The typography for Bekr Vegan Products is clean, modern, and easily legible. It features a sans-serif font that conveys a contemporary and approachable vibe, reflecting the brand's modern and progressive values.

For the banner design, the previously crafted illustration served as the centerpiece, featuring a vibrant depiction of the Earth to symbolize the global reach of the "40,000 Kilometers Painting" project. To enhance visual interest and engagement, a subtle animation was incorporated, causing the globe to rotate gently. This dynamic element not only captivates viewers but also reinforces the project's theme of global connectivity through art education.

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